Meet our team

Our team of highly qualified and skilled clinicians are all experienced in working across a wide spectrum of psychological difficulties. Each one of us has worked in the NHS as well as privately, with patients of all ages and across a wide spectrum of ethnicities.

However, we know that each person is different, and each patient an individual. Each psychologist in our team has additional skills and areas of expertise that we have studied, or developed over the years. With these, we aim to try and offer you sessions with the psychologist who is best equipped to deal with your particular difficulties.

Together with our policy of flexibility, where we are able to offer appointments during the day, in the evenings, or on weekends, we take pride in offering a personalised and patient-focused service.

Dr Lisa Brosh

Dr Lisa Brosh is a dedicated and compassionate clinical psychologist who enjoys working with people to enhance their emotional well being. Dr Brosh graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2001 with an honours degree in Behavioural Sciences. Following this she worked in schools, NHS and voluntary sector organisations with both children and adults whilst studying for post graduate diploma in Psychology.

Dr Lisa Brosh completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire in 2011. During this training she enjoyed NHS placements within child, adolescent, adult, older adult and learning disability services within hospital, community and secure settings. She completed her doctorate thesis on narratives of being diagnosed with Epilepsy in Adulthood and continues to have a keen interest on the impact and meaning of living with physical health conditions for the indidivual and partner/ family.

Through her Doctorate and subsequent training she has developed her skills in the use of a range of therapeutic models. Her preferred models are ACT, CBT, Narrative and behavioural. This allows Dr Brosh to utilise a range of models depending on the needs and fit of each person. She aims to foster a supportive safe space from the first session, to work together to decipher what the patient’s goals are and how to work towards these. Having worked predominantly within child, learning disability and Autism services Dr Brosh has experience and confidence in adapting information and working creatively to enhance accessibility and engagement.

Since qualifying Dr Brosh has worked in a range of NHS services, predominantly CAMHS, building experience of specialist psychological assessment and intervention. She has developed expertise working with a range of emotional and mental health concerns. In recent years she has developed a clinical and research interest in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) applying this with individuals and in group contexts focusing upon enhancing psychological well being and quality of life in the context of parenting.

Dr Brosh has extensive experience of working with Multi-Disciplinary Teams and offering consultation and training to social care, schools, voluntary organisations and specialist medical professionals. She offers clinical supervision to fellow psychologists as well as other health professionals including nurses, support workers and behaviour specialists. 

Dr Lisa Brosh is an experienced and friendly Clinical Psychologist who aims to work with you to understand your difficulties and collaboratively consider different strategies to alleviate them.

Dr Lisa Brosh