Meet our team

Our team of highly qualified and skilled clinicians are all experienced in working across a wide spectrum of psychological difficulties. Each one of us has worked in the NHS as well as privately, with patients of all ages and across a wide spectrum of ethnicities.

However, we know that each person is different, and each patient an individual. Each psychologist in our team has additional skills and areas of expertise that we have studied, or developed over the years. With these, we aim to try and offer you sessions with the psychologist who is best equipped to deal with your particular difficulties.

Together with our policy of flexibility, where we are able to offer appointments during the day, in the evenings, or on weekends, we take pride in offering a personalised and patient-focused service.

Dr Nikki Teper

Dr Teper is a motivated clinical psychologist, dedicated to providing the highest quality of care without compromising on therapeutic relationship. After completing an honours psychology degree at The University of Birmingham, she graduated with Distinction in Child Development (MSc) from The University of London, and was awarded the Prakesh de Silva prize. Following a range of experience working with patients both in the UK and abroad, Dr Teper completed the Clinical Psychology Doctoral course at The University of East London, which emphasised the importance of the construction of mental health within society – this is something that she feels passionate about and integrates into therapeutic work.

Dr Teper has worked with adults as well as with children and families. She was delighted to be appointed head of the California laboratory team for the NICHD Study of Childcare and Youth Development – the largest project of its kind to date. Within the UK, she has led and facilitated parenting groups, worked closely with schools and teachers, and presented at school inset days and child conferences. Dr Teper also enjoys working with adults. Before leaving the NHS to focus on private work, Dr Teper was appointed sole psychologist within an adult in-patient setting, and was relied upon to develop the psychological service. She has had various articles published, and selected for presentation at the British Psychological Society’s Developmental Section.

Dr Teper has consulted and participated in the Dispatches television programme "Sharing mum and dad" (2013) to discuss the issues of shared parenting and the psychological effects of divorce on children and the family. More recently, she was involved in the 2015 Channel 4 series "Born Naughty?" that addressed the behavioural problems that many children present with, by advising and consulting as well as appearing in the series. She facilitates training for schools to increase awareness of mental health issues in young people, and was the keynote speaker for the 2017 JAMI Family Resilience Conference.

Dr Teper strives to create a warm and safe, trusting relationship with patients. By integrating the highest standards of practise with a personalised approach, she aims to help patients try and make sense of their difficulties, to view issues from a different perspective, and to manage problems in a more helpful and healthy manner.

Dr Nikki Teper